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Bookkeeping / Accounting

Every organisation must keep track of its financial transactions. Bookkeeping is a mandatory requirement from both a Company Law and a tax compliance perspective. Good bookkeeping is also the foundation for management accounting. An optional extra service to a straightforward bookkeeping, AscenTrust can become part of your organisation and do your invoicing, purchase order processing and any of the other tasks associated with accounting.

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You can continue to work with your current accounting system or you can use our online, or in the cloud systems. We currently support QuickBooks, Sage and AccountsIQ. As your bookkeepers, AscenTrust will enter and maintain the following information in the accounting system:

1. Sales Revenue - What goods and services you sell, to whom and for how much,

2. Accounts Receivables - When you get paid for your sales,

3. Purchases - What goods and services you buy , from who and for how much,

4. Accounts Payables - What you owe and when you pay for it,

5. Reconciliations - Ensuring your bank and credit card transactions match the statements,

6. Accruals - Recording the expenses you have already incurred but not been billed for,

7. Prepayments - Allocating payments correctly to the periods in which the expenses incur.

Finances are the lifeblood of any organisation. With AscenTrust as your bookkeeper you will have the confidence that:

1. Your records are confidential, accurate, timely, detailed and retrievable,

2. The income and expenses are recorded to the appropriate accounts,

3. There will be no duplicate entries nor double payments to suppliers,

4. You have accurate tax transactions such as VAT and payroll taxes,

5. You have all the information needed to track your financial performance.

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