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Budgeting / Cash Flow Forecasting

Understanding the current situation and financial forecasting is vital for every successful organisation. So, why do most organisations neglect to plan, measure and control? Often it is because budgeting and forecasting can be difficult and time consuming. Many are not used to preparing budgets and have doubts about being able to predict future performance.

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Also, there is a perception that budgets limit your flexibility. AscenTrust has huge experience in preparing budgets and can greatly simplify this for you. 

We do this in partnership with you, we provide the financial expertise and you provide the business expertise. When done properly, budgeting and management accounts are not a cost, as more informed business decision lead to better bottom line performance. AscenTrust has huge experience in preparing budgets and can greatly simplify this for you, and will be responsible for the following:

1. Generating a budget template based on the knowledge of your industry,

2. Customising the budget template to your unique organisational needs,

3. Interfacing with the key people in your organisation to develop the budget,

4. Budgeting for the special projects and activities that are anticipated in the future,

5. Preparing a personnel/staff plan and budgeting for its components,

6. If appropriate, developing a capital investment plan and budgeting for those expenditures,

7. Laying out an income and expense forecast and a cash flow forecast,

8. Preparing the periodic variance reports comparing the actual with the budget,

9. Fine tuning the budgets and forecasts on an ongoing basis,

10. Simulating scenarios to evaluate different plans.

Without a proper budget and forecast, management will be leading the organisation blindly. With AscenTrust as your budget preparer, you will have the confidence that:

1. You have greater visibility and predictability,

2. You have control over your expenses,

3. The tools, systems and processes employed to eliminate the procedural errors,

4. The budgets and forecasts are close to reality,

5. Your actions are based on a sound evaluation of future scenarios.

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