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Case Studies
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Nursing Home (Payroll)

The Background
This client is a nursing home based in the Leinster region. It was established many years ago, it has 55 beds and operates out of a large Victorian house, and it is considered a mid tier nursing home. The owners are a husband and wife team, the husband looks after administration and the wife, a qualified nurse is the Director of Nursing.

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The Situation
Before AscenTrust took over the payroll for the nursing home the payroll was outsourced to one of Ireland's leading outsource service providers. There was nothing wrong with this service but it was the same traditional payroll service. The operator of the nursing home still had to prepare the input for the payroll service provider from the employee's timesheets.
Why AscenTrust? When existing clients were asked, they responded;
-"They take all the hassle out of bookkeeping."
-"I used to dread payroll, there were always last minute hiccups and mistakes which cost me a lot of time and stress. Now I hardly have to think about it at all."
-"I have no fears of falling foul of the Revenue Commissioners or Company Law."
-"It is like they are part of my team, they help me make business decisions."

This cost them almost half a day every other week and caused a lot of stress as payroll is time critical. They had to get this done with all the other work going on around them or in the evenings when it was time to take it easy. It was not possible for them to take holidays for two weeks at a time as there was no one else to prepare the payroll file and oversee the process. Additional time was also spent in answering payroll related questions from employees. They decided to outsource their entire payroll related functions to AscenTrust.

The Solution
It was straightforward for the nursing home to switch over to Ascentrust. The previous service provider for outsourced payroll was given a 30 day notice of the termination of their contract. The payroll data file was handed over to the nursing home, who in turn forwarded it to AscenTrust. AscenTrust recreated the entire payroll to produce unique custom reports relevant to the nursing home industry. Two days before payroll day, timesheets are faxed to AscenTrust. These are processed to prepare the payroll input. An email hotline was established for employees to have their queries answered directly by AscenTrust.

The nursing home is very glad that they made the decision to move the payroll to AscenTrust. Just some of the extra benefits they get with AscenTrust are:
- 6 hours less work preparing the payroll as AscenTrust processes the timesheets to prepare the payroll input
- More detailed payroll reports which helped them tender a better rate for their beds with the Health Service Executive (HSE), through the National Treatment Purchase Fund (NTPF).
- Reports that support their compliance with new guidelines from Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA).
- All employee payroll queries are now handled by AscenTrust, freeing up management time. Staff satisfaction with payroll has actually increased, due to the prompt responses to queries.
- The reports identified areas of overstaffing at infrequent intervals which were used in preparing more accurate rosters. The cost of the payroll service from AscenTrust was paid for by the savings achieved here alone.
- Problems were identified in holiday entitlements and these were fixed, protecting the nursing home from future liabilities.
- The owners can now take longer holidays, since installing the solution they have had a 3 week holiday and the payroll run went perfectly. 

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