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Payroll / Outsourced Payroll

Our payroll services are designed with the objective to minimise the payroll related work you do and maximise what we can do for you and your employees. As your payroll service provider, AscenTrust becomes an extension of your accounts department and we seamlessly integrate with your organisation to give your employees care, comfort and confidence.

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By handling most of the post payroll queries from your staff, we take a lot of work off your line managers or accounts people. At AscenTrust, we understand your organisation and wield payroll as a tool that can provide you with better management information. Our payroll accountants are IPASS certified. As your payroll service provider, AscenTrust will be responsible for the following:

1. Interfacing with Revenue to obtain and submit payroll related information,

2. Setting up new employees for payroll,

3. Collating payroll information changes from employees, HR and Accounts,

4. Incorporating all changes in payroll data prior to processing,

5. Calculating salaries of workers, holiday pay, additions and deductions,

6. Generating payroll on a periodic basis,

7. Preparing the payroll related documents for employees leaving the organisation,

8. Providing the information to your bank for making payments to employees,

9. Sharing the pension related information with your designated pension administrators,

10. Supplying payroll reports to accounting,

11. Preparing and distributing payslips to the employees,

12. Tracking employee's holiday entitlements based on your policy and the time worked,

13. Assisting employees with their payroll related issues through dedicated email helpline,

14. Complying with statutory period end and year end payroll reporting requirements,

15. Adhering to data protection, security and disaster recovery best practices.

Payroll is a critical function of every organisation as the lives of employees depend on it. With AscenTrust as your payroll processor you will have the confidence that:

1. Your payroll is processed timely and accurately,

2. Your employees can easily access and correct their information,

3. All your employee's queries and concerns are addressed promptly and satisfactorily,

4. You are in compliance or have the information to be compliant with statutory regulations,

5. You have the flexibility to modify payroll to support your dynamic needs.

In summary AscenTrust does what other payroll service providers do plus more. Other payroll providers look for a clean file to enter into their payroll system to generate the payroll outputs. At AscenTrust, we help produce this file and we take over much of the work associated with HR activities. This saves you more time and money and allows you to focus on your key activities.

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