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Management Accounting / Management Accounts

Management accounting, financial reporting and financial control allow you to get on top of your business - it puts you in control. A budgeting exercise is required in advance of management accounts. AscenTrust will use the information entered by the bookkeepers in the accounting system (that could be your own staff) to prepare financial reports, performance ratios and the necessary financial control.

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Investors and creditors use your financial reports to evaluate your performance and to make their capital contribution decisions. As managers of your organisation, you will use this information to control the operations.

AscenTrust does not replace your external accountants who plan your taxes, prepare your tax returns, and conduct audits but makes it easy for them to carry out their services to you. If you require a full service from one supplier, we have tax and audit partners who put us in the position where we can provide a full service. As your management accountant and financial controller, AscenTrust will be responsible for:

1. Preparing periodic financial reports for management,

2. Developing customised financial reports for banks or other interested parties,

3. Calculating key performance indicators and financial ratios to evaluate performance,

4. Analysing all the transactions to identify any deviations and to apply controls,

5. Recommending actions to take to manage the finances better and to improve cash flow.

Accurately prepared and properly presented management accounts provide essential knowledge for the survival and growth of every organisation. With AscenTrust as your management accountant and financial controller you will have the confidence that:

1. Your organisation's finances are in order and are professional controlled,

2. Your financial reports are accurately prepared and available at predetermined dates,

3. Your reports are presented professionally to inspire confidence in the stakeholders,

4. You have the actual performance information and relevant recommendations,

5. Your external accountants are provided the support to enhance their performance.

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