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Case Studies
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An Information Communications and Telecoms (ICT) Company

The Background
This client is a mid tier general IT services based company with about 30 staff which provides complete solutions from supply of IT hardware and software. The ICT company is moving many of its own customers to a managed services solution with as much support supplied remotely as it can. The client supplies complete outsourced solutions to many of its smaller customers, so are no stranger to the benefits of outsourcing.

The Situation
ICT companies have been using outsourced or bureau based payroll solutions for decades, yet this client ran their payroll in-house and filed returns online to ros.ie. The client has looked at moving the payroll service to bureau for a number of years but could not justify it for a number of reasons. The main reason was that the time saved doing this would not have been significant because most of the time taken was in producing the report that a typical outsourced payroll service requires. Collating the expense and commission claims from each department was taking the various managers 4 hours per month, the processing of the payroll itself only took one hour. The client has constantly battled with two challenges - to maintain the confidentiality of payroll information and in having to train people on doing payroll.

The Solution
AscenTrust provided a solution which integrated into internal HR or accounts functions. The manager for each department (Sales, Field Engineering, Help Desk and Administration) emails each approved time sheet, where expenses and commission (in the case of sales) is included. The CEO of the company emails any changes from the static HR files as they occur. This includes leavers, joiners, salary increases/decreases, pension changes, etc. AscenTrust creates the payroll input using the information sent and then processes the payroll. Initially, the client wanted to run the two systems in parallel for 3 months, but this was dropped after one month due to the confidence in AscenTrust and the time taken to do the payroll in-house.

The client is very relieved after the transition in payroll processing due to the following outcomes:
- Cost savings on internal salary versus outsourced service cost. 
  In reality the cost saving here was in opportunity costs, each
  manager has an extra hour to two hours each month to focus
their core responsibilities.
- They no longer needed to own and maintain a PC and software
  for payroll which resulted in a saving of approximately Euro
  800.00 per year.
- 90% of staff payroll queries are now handled by AscenTrust,
  relieving management from the mundane details of payroll. Staff
  satisfaction with payroll has increased, due to the prompt
  responses to queries.
- By enhancing the awareness of the employees to understand 
  their payslips better, AscenTrust identified employees who were
  eligible for lower PRSI rates which resulted in a higher net pay
  to those people and the elimination of future liabilities for the
- AscenTrust demonstrated its data protection and business
  continuity processes whereby all the computers are protected
  with encryption and the data is guaranteed to be available even
  after any major disaster through a dual backup system with
  onsite and offsite backups.
- AscenTrust are currently doing a project with the client to help
  them measure the productivity of each engineer. This requires
  consolidated analysis of the output from their call logging
  software and the payroll information.

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